Sunday, March 27, 2011

Take 3

So, I've tried getting this blog rolling two times, and ended up giving up on it both times. Let's hope this third attempt will be more successful than the previous ones. Plain old laziness and certain RL circumstances kept me from giving it an actual effort so far, but maybe now I can finally get to work.
Also, just to clarify: even though this blog's URL is "zerovidya", it isn't just about video games. That was the original plan, but later on I decided to just blog about whatever happens to interest me, be it vidya, music, books or whatever else. It's not a personal blog though, so you'll be spared from the (often exceptionally dull) details of my life.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Attempts at a vidya blog

So, as I said in the last post, at first this was supposed to be a vidya blog. I happen to be a retrogamer (mostly Gameboy, SNES and PSX), and I tend to enjoy indie games more than large projects of the gaming industry (Ubisoft games being notable exceptions). I had three candidates for the first review... no, wait, four. At first, I started with The Wonderful End of the World, only to realize that writing a good article about it would be harder than I expected. At that point, I decided to try a less unique game, say, a platformer. So I started to play Eternal Daughter, a freeware platformer I played ages ago and remembered as quite hard, but also pretty good. According to the progress meter of the game, I completed about 40% before getting too frustrated by it to continue. So I moved on to another one... A day and two games later, I decided that there's no point in forcing myself, and instead I should just blog what comes naturally, which is what I'll try to do, unless certain real-life things prevent it.


A change of plans

At first, this was supposed to be a thematic blog, dealing with video games and nothing else. Soon after starting it, I realized that I have other things to blog about as well, for example music, the occasional train of thought/rant, etc. Unfortunately, I couldn't find another good and available URL, so for the time being, it remains "zerovidya".